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I was going through this article by which I can start writing to Microsoft Excel sheet. But it shows only how to write an Integer. In my case I need to write Strings to Excel Sheet. In that strings I have IP Address as well.

So below is the scenario in which it is failing because ipAddress is String with dots in between the number. And also I cannot convert that String to Integer because of dots in between the number so that is the reason I was looking for other alternative.

So is there any other alternative to Number class below which I can use for String?

addNumber(sheet, 0, j, ipAddress);

private void addNumber(WritableSheet sheet, int column, int row, Integer integer) throws WriteException,
        RowsExceededException {
    Number number;
    number = new Number(column, row, integer, times);
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you can try by using new Label() as follow

sheet.addCell(new Label(column, row, String))

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