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I'm trying to use inotify to watch a file for being modified in an infinite loop. I'm having some problems with it:

1) I have a while(1), and the read doesn't work unless i create a new file descriptor and a new watch descriptor for every iteration of the while (what i wanted to do is to open those descriptors before the infinite loop, but if the other solution is acceptable, then i can use it). This is the version that works:

    int file_descriptor = inotify_init();
    if (file_descriptor < 0) {

    int watch_descriptor = inotify_add_watch(file_descriptor, "/home/user/hello.cfg", IN_CLOSE_WRITE);

2) I tryed using the mask IN_MODIFY, but I read that it doesn't work well with vim, so instead i use IN_CLOSE_WRITE. The problem is that when i modify the file with vim, the event is read, but the mask of the event is IN_IGNORED (Mask 0x00008000). When I use gedit, sometimes the mask of the event is IN_IGNORED, and sometimes is IN_CLOSE_WRITE (Mask 0x0000008). I would like to know why i get IN_IGNORED if i'm modifying the file, and why the event is not IN_CLOSE_WRITE. Is there another way to watch for modifications of a single file? Is IN_CLOSE_WRITE the correct mask?

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