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I have an image and I want to find the standard deviation for each row of the image and I will use the SD value for each row to calculate average SD of the image. I know the function to find SD (std) but I have no idea how to start/to do.

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Images in MATLAB are still just matrices. Since you want to take the standard deviation for the rows, you can use std(A,0,2) to take the standard deviations along rows. Then you can use std once more on the resulting vector to get what I think you are looking for.

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I interpreted the OP as wanting the average row standard deviation , ie mean(std(A,0,2)) - but I could be wrong. I certainly agree the intention is not very clear :-) –  Colin T Bowers Nov 16 '12 at 6:03
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If you have a greyscale image, use


If you have a color image (i.e., ndims(img) == 3), you'll have to repeat the above on each page of the array:

squeeze( mean(std(img,0,2)) )

which will result in the mean standard deviation of each row of each colour layer.

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Instead of calculating the std of each row and then taking the mean, isn't it more accurate (and simpler) to just calculated the std of the entire image (all pixel values)? that is:


Taking the std of each row and then taking the mean is not exactly the std of all the pixel value of the image... For example:

 >> a=peaks(100);
 >> mean(std(a.'))

 ans =


 >> std(a(:))

 ans =

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