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Hi I am currently reading some novels in .txt format downloaded from Gutenberg. Often I come across a word I am unfamiliar with, and I need to look it up on the web.

I recently stumbled upon the Unix dict command-line utility to search for meanings of words. It fetches the meanings of words from multiples dictionaries and thesauruses on the web.

I would like to have this integrated with Emacs in the following way.

I would like to pass the word under the cursor to the dict and split the window into two buffers : one buffer containing the current text-file and another-one the meaning of the words.

How would I write an Emacs-Lisp function for doing this?

NOTE: Using dict at the command-line is as simple as dict *word-being-searched* and I am using Emacs-24 under Ubuntu 11.04

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not an answer. But I have a small plugin for sdcv. Do you want to modify it for you? – madper Nov 16 '12 at 5:08

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The word-at-point function does most of the work you need:

(require 'thingatpt)

(defun lookup-word-at-point ()
  (shell-command (format "dict %s" (shell-quote-argument (word-at-point)))))

Like any other invocation of shell-command, this will show the output of dict in the minibuffer if it's short enough; otherwise, it will pop up a window named *Shell Command Output*.

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ispell is your friend. ispell-word, bound by default to M-$ does exactly that.

Also see wordnet.el

EDIT: As Thomas pointed out, ispell is not appropriate. I am a big fan of wordnet that I mentioned earlier, you will need to download the program.

Another option is an interface to the dict command, e.g. enter link description here or one of the alternatives listed on that page.

There is enough stuff out there that you don't need to write something on your own.

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The OP is not looking for spelling correction, but for a thesaurus lookup. – Thomas Nov 17 '12 at 22:57
oops :) wordnet should help though – Miserable Variable Nov 17 '12 at 23:37

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