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I have created a test suite (making a main file and calling other test cases that I like to run) .Now is it possible to make a jar file of test suite that i have made so that just by clicking on the jar i can forcefully start the test .Also is it possible to create c config value outside jar.I am using java programming language.

Help plz.

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Can you plz share your code how u have written test suits.? – PRB Mar 13 '14 at 10:41
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If you are using eclipse as an ide you can create a jar file very easily.

Right click on project.
Go To Export.
Select Jar or Runnable Jar as per your use click on next.
Specify the main file name.
Click on Finish.
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Thanks abhi for immediate response – Tester Nov 16 '12 at 4:38

Before doing above steps. i mean

Right click on project.
Go To Export.
.....on Finish
  • Clean the project to avoid “duplicate entry” error when exporting Java project to JAR with Eclipse.
  • Enable Auto Refresh in Preferences - General - Workspace - Refresh Automatically (called Refresh using native hooks or polling in newer builds)
    • Or Just right click on the project and click Refresh.
      to avoid “resource is out of sync with the filesystem” error.
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