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icon.png is inside myapp.jar

DANIELs-MacBook-Air-2:jrubyScreenshot dani [master] $ jar -tf myapp.jar | tail

How can I load it? This returns nil

f = java.lang.Object.new
image = java.awt.Toolkit::default_toolkit.get_image(f.java_class.resource("icon.png"))

Solution was:

 f = java.lang.Object.new
 url = f.java_class.resource("/icon.png")
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> jruby -J-classpath myapp.jar test.rb

include Java

f = java.lang.Object.new
url = f.java_class.resource("/icon.png")
image = java.awt.Toolkit::default_toolkit.get_image(url)
puts image
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Not the classpath, but I just had to do "/icon.png". I still don't get why I have to say / but ti does work –  daniel Nov 16 '12 at 15:32

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