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Hi Somebody can Help me with this problem, i need the follow tables in prolog and i need todo some query to this table like the follow.

2.1 Get the plate, number of doors, model, reference and name of the owner vehicles having a given displacement. 2.2. Get the plate, reference number and owner name doors of the vehicles that have affiliate contract type and a given model. 2.3. Get the plate, date of revision, ID of the owner of the vehicles with revisions in a given state and insurer corresponds to a given. 2.4. Get the model plate, ID of owner and contact number of the vehicles with a and number of gates given speed below a given amount. 2.5. Get the plate, reference, cedula Owners of older vehicles (his model is lower).

in this paste are the tables


please it's somebody can help me Thanks.

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What have you tried? What does "Java Query" mean? – ShiDoiSi Nov 16 '12 at 10:01

Sorry, your posting is hard to understand.

Is your problem that you have data in a relational database and need to access it from Prolog? If so, we need to know which Prolog you are using and which database.

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