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I have the above below already functional on my website. It works alright but right now, I want to create a kind of promo and if the display meets the criteria of the promo, I want it to display onclick '$htx'

echo "<a href='javascript:;' onclick='pkgsPopup('http://'.$hLnk');' rel='nofollow'>";

I have '$htx' pre defined to open a link '$dealpath' and if it does not meet that condition, I want it to open the default link - '$hLnk'

I have tried the code below and I had an error _ I mean the page will not load at all

 if ($htx) { echo "onclick=\'miaPopup('http://$dealPth');\'' }  else { echo 'onclick=\'pkgsPopup('http://$hLnk');\'' }";

I will really appreciate if someone can let me know how to do this without error using the php if/else statement.


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Looks like you have an extra ' on both of your echo statements in the second code block. – Gaʀʀʏ Nov 16 '12 at 5:26

Here is your second block of code a little cleaner. You were missing semi-colons in the PHP as well as matching escape characters ( a mix of apostrophes and quotes)

if ($htx) 
  echo "onclick=\'miaPopup('http://$dealPth');\'" ;
  echo "onclick=\'pkgsPopup('http://$hLnk');\'" ;
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Hey Le_garry, You made the 1st response and I really appreciate it. I used the code below and I got it working: <?php if ($htx){ $onclick="miaPopup('http://$dealPth');"; } else{ $onclick="pkgsPopup('http://$hLnk');"; } ?> – user1342542 Nov 16 '12 at 16:55
No problem, glad it worked. Please select the best answer and upvote those that are helpful! Welcome to SO. – Gaʀʀʏ Nov 19 '12 at 17:58

The problem is that you have the echo pumping out a long string that makes no sense:

 if ($htx) { echo "onclick=\'miaPopup('http://$dealPth');\'' }  else { echo 'onclick=\'pkgsPopup('http://$hLnk');\'' }";

should read:

if ($htx) {
    echo "onclick='miaPopup(\'http://$dealPth\');'";
}  else {
    echo "onclick='pkgsPopup(\'http://$hLnk\');'";

You could simplify by saying

if ($htx) {
    $url = $dealPth;
} else {
    $url = $hLnk;
echo "onclick='pkgsPopup(\'http://$url\');'";
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Thanks Robbie, I used your idea and it was a very tremendous help – user1342542 Nov 16 '12 at 16:54

Something like this should work (this code is not tested):

$onclick = ($htx ? 'miaPopup("http://'.$dealPth.'");'
            : 'pkgsPopup("http://'.$hLnk.'");');
echo "<a href='javascript:;' onclick='$onclick' rel='nofollow'>";
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Thanks Cegfault. Your idea really helped. I really appreciate it – user1342542 Nov 16 '12 at 16:53

try this

 if ($htx){ 





echo "<a href='javascript:;' onclick='$onclick' rel='nofollow'>";
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Why not use jQuery

<a class='one <?=($cond?"two" : "")?>'>Link</link>


      //Class of one

     //class of two

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