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I have a file a.c in the branch branch_1 with below versions.

Previous version: 10 Next version : 20 Current version :25 My working copy is branch_2

I want to merge the difference between versions 20 and 10 in branch_1 to working copy only for a.c file.

How can I merge it using tortoise svn?

I had written below batch file to work manually execute the bat file, but I want to do this with tortoise svn + external diff program.


    set svn_url="https://Project/branches/"

    SET DIFF3="C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 3\BComp.exe"
    SET FILE=%3
    SET NV=%4
    SET PV=%5
    svn co %svn_url%/%BRANCH%/%FOLDER%/ --depth empty

    cd %FOLDER%
    svn update -r %NV% %FILE%
    del %FILE%_%NV%
    rename %FILE% %FILE%_%NV%

    svn update -r %PV% %FILE%
    del %FILE%_%PV%
    rename %FILE% %FILE%_%PV%

    %DIFF3% %FILE%_%NV% D:\Projct\%FOLDER%\%FILE% %FILE%_%PV%

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BTW, 10-25-20 history is just impossible in SVN. Write better (realistic) log for file, maybe 10-15-20, if you want merge range, not changes from single revision – Lazy Badger Nov 16 '12 at 6:26

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I'm not sure what current version 25 means when next version is 20.

But to merge in tortoise, right click on your working copy, either a directory or a file, select merge. Choose the source file/directory you want to merge changes from and pick the revisions from the dialog that pops up. Its really simple.

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