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Why does this work:

List<?> list = new LinkedList<Integer>();

while this gives a type dismatch error:

List<List<?>> list = new LinkedList<List<Integer>>();

Why is this? Ist there a way around this, without using raw types?

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Why? Because list.add(new ArrayList<String>()). – Tom Hawtin - tackline Aug 27 '09 at 14:04
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List<? extends List<?>> list = new LinkedList<List<Integer>>();

Note: you should be aware that when you use a collection like List you will only be able to use it in "read only" mode (except for adding null values).

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To actually answer your question:

In the first case, "list" holds a list of one particular, unspecified type - in this case, Integer.

In the second case, "list" holds a list of lists, but each of the sublists may be of any particular type, but the following would be perfectly fine (note the types of the two lists being added):

List<List<?>> list = new LinkedList<List<?>>();
list.add(new LinkedList<Integer>());
list.add(new LinkedList<Double>());

It's very similar to the reason why you can't do

List<Object> listO = new List<Number>();

There are operations that would be perfectly valid on your list of lists of ? that would be illegal on the list of lists of Integers.

In order to do what you want (have a list of lists, where all the sublists are unique to a particular type), I think Zed's answer is about as close as you'll get.

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The way around this is

List<List<?>> list = new LinkedList<List<?>>();

You've not really lost anything there, either - your specification of Integer wasn't going to be helpful anywhere, since list defined the inner Lists as using ?

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List<?> list1 = new LinkedList<List<Integer>>();
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I know this is and post, but I don't seem how the answers fixed c0d3x's problem.

If you do

List<List<?>> list = new LinkedList<List<?>>();

How is he gonna call this method for each inner Integer list in the outer list?

public void doSomeThingWithAIntegerList(List<Integer> list){
    for(Integer i : list){
        // use it for some purpose
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