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I am trying to write a JPQL query with a like clause:

LIKE '%:code%'

I would like to have code=4 and find


I cannot pass :code = '%value%'

namedQuery.setParameter("%" + this.value + "%");

because in another place I need :value not wrapped by the % chars. Any help?

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@Manuele Piastra: Is the answer below not what you were looking for? – wmorrison365 Jan 9 '13 at 17:19

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If you do

LIKE :code

and then do

namedQuery.setParameter("code", "%" + this.value + "%");

Then value remains free from the '%' sign. If you need to use it somewhere else in the same query simply use another parameter name other than 'code' .

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For the record, this does not leave you open to JPQL injection attacks because this.value is automatically properly escaped for you. – László van den Hoek Oct 15 '13 at 7:44

I don't use named parameters for all queries. For example it is unusual to use named parameters in JpaRepository.

To workaround I use JPQL CONCAT function (this code emulate start with):

public interface BranchRepository extends JpaRepository<Branch, String> {
    private static final String QUERY = "select b from Branch b"
       + " left join b.filial f"
       + " where = ?1 and like CONCAT(?2, '%')";
    List<Branch> findByFilialAndBranchLike(String filialId, String branchCode);

I found this technique in excellent docs:

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