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I have a list:

lists = (['1','2','3','S','3','4','S','4','6','7'])

And I want to split the list into s smaller list everytime 'S' appears and eliminate 'S' into something like:


My code:

def x (lists):
    empty = ''
    list = []

    for x in lists:
        if x == empty:

    return (list)

I tried something like this, but I am quite new to python, and Im getting nowhere. Nothing fancy please, how would I fix what I have?

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Try itertools.groupby():

>>> from itertools import groupby
>>> lists = ['1','2','3','S','3','4','S','4','6','7']
>>> [list(g[1]) for g in groupby(lists, lambda i:i!='S') if g[0]]
[['1', '2', '3'], ['3', '4'], ['4', '6', '7']]
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Hi, Thanks for your help! This answer works, however, Is there anyway of fixing what I have? I dont think I am that far off, and I would rather stick with what I understand for now, since I am quite new! –  user1828072 Nov 16 '12 at 5:45
groupby() is the key-point here. You may need to read python doc. –  kev Nov 16 '12 at 5:47
@user1828072 The problem with 'fixing what you already have' is that your approach is . . . well, not particularly pythonic. That's not to say (the end result of) your approach isn't right, just less preferable, and probably less efficient. –  jpm Nov 16 '12 at 5:56

Maybe something like map(list,''.join(lists).split('S'))

Alternately, [list(s) for s in ''.join(lists).split('S'))

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Well, may be funny, but this should work:

[s.split('#') for s in '#'.join(lists).split('#S#')]

Instead of the '#' any character can be used if it's unlikely to appear in lists.

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