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One of the neat things about Chrome is that, if you type a word on the address bar, it suggests what relevant URLs might be. For example if I type "New York", it suggests

Can an extension be developed that provides customized suggestions? For instance, if I have an internal company website, say foo which hosts documents with numeric IDs - say or When someone types "123" on the browser address bar, I want to show as a suggestion (even if it has never been accessed before).

Is something like this possible? If so, I would love some pointers (I've never developed a Chrome extension, but if possible, I can look things up and get this implemented).

Thanks! Raj

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Yes, it is possible through Omnibox, I have written a sample implementation here :

Manifest File:


 "name": "Omnibox Demo",

  "description" : "This is used for demonstrating Omnibox",

  "version": "1",

  "background": {

    "scripts": ["background.js"]


  "omnibox": {
 "keyword" : "demo" 

  "manifest_version": 2


JS File:

chrome.omnibox.setDefaultSuggestion({"description":"Search %s in Dev Source Code"});

chrome.omnibox.onInputStarted.addListener(function() {

    console.log("Input Started");


chrome.omnibox.onInputCancelled.addListener(function() {

    console.log("Input Cancelled");


chrome.omnibox.onInputEntered.addListener(function (text) {
    console.log("Input Entered is " + text);


  function(text, suggest) {

    console.log('inputChanged: ' + text);


      {content: text + " one", description: "the first one"},
      {content: text + " number two", description: "the second entry"}
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Thank you. I will investigate this! – ragebiswas Nov 16 '12 at 15:17

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