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I would like to copy image from my application and would like to paste in SMS application(Now SMS would be converted to MMS). I am implementing on android OS version 4.0 .

I have done as per follows ,

  • Created jpg image from the EditText using below code


  • Now I am copying this image(from sdcard) to the clipboad using ClipData class as shown below

String file_path = "sdcard full path";
ClipData data = ClipData.newRawUri("image", Uri.parse(file_path));
ClipboardManager ClipMan = (ClipboardManager) getSystemService(Context.CLIPBOARD_SERVICE);

  • Now when I am going to sms(native) application, and long press on MessageBox to create new message, and clicking on paste option, gives me only path of the image. It does not display image.

I would like to know that is it possible to copy and paste image ? And if possible, how could we do this ?

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Is there anybody...Please help me.. –  Nirav Shah Nov 28 '12 at 6:16

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I tried your code with this modification on Android 4.1:

ClipData.Item item = new ClipData.Item(Uri.parse(file_path));
ClipData data = new ClipData("label", new String[]{"image/jpeg"}, item);

Anyway, it still didn't paste image in SMS app.

I feel that most apps, including built-in ones, are not at this time ready for copy/paste of images on Clipboard.

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Yes it might be. Also in native SMS application, we can attach any file but we can't copy. We can copy only text. I have found that to create such pasting application , we need to create our own application that will handle paste operation for the images. –  Nirav Shah Dec 4 '12 at 6:31

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