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May i know how to write a ASP code to show current date ? For the example, if user key in today date, the system will allow, while if the user key in previous date it will block and show error message. thank you.

As below is the ASP code


PTQTY = Request.Form("PTQTY")

If TRIM(PINVDATE) = "" and TRIM(PTQTY) = "" Then

Msg = "** Mandatory Field not filled, please check !!!"

Response.Redirect "plan.asp?empid="& EmpID & "&Name=" & EmpName & "&EmpLevel=" & EmpLevel & "&ref=" & Msg



Msg = "** Date not filled, Please Check !!!"

Response.Redirect "plan.asp?empid="& EmpID & "&Name=" & EmpName & "&EmpLevel=" & EmpLevel & "&ref=" & Msg


if TRIM(PTQTY) = "" then

Msg = "** Quantity not filled, Please Check !!!"

Response.Redirect "plan.asp?empid="& EmpID & "&Name=" & EmpName & "&EmpLevel=" & EmpLevel & "&ref=" & Msg


<th bgcolor="#8585A6" ><font color="white">Date</font></th>
<th colspan = 3 bgcolor="#ECE5B6" align=left><input type ="text" name="PINVDATE" style="text-align: left" size = 23 maxlength="30"/><font color='Red'>** Exp: YYYY-MM-DD</font></th>
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Check the Date function and Datediff function

if DateDiff("d",Date(),CDate(TRIM(PINVDATE))) <> 0 Then
'show Error
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HI, thank you for reply, i using MS SQL database, the table i created in date format is YYYY-MM-DD. is it i need to edit like this if DateDiff("YYYY-MM-DD",Date(),CDate(TRIM(PINVDATE))) <> 0 Then 'show Error message, kindly advise. thank you – caulson Nov 16 '12 at 7:56
please check the link for datediff function in my post."d" is not for the format of the date. – SearchAndResQ Nov 16 '12 at 8:06
@caulson the Date() and Now() functions return the current date on the server. They both use the Regional Settings as configured on the server, if it's "YYYY-MM-DD" then this code will work otherwise either change the settings on the server (via Control Panel --> Date/Time Settings) or parse the given date yourself and build two dates from scratch. Not going to be simple, but if you can't change Regional Settings and can't rely on them being consistent, that's the only way that will surely work. – Shadow Wizard Nov 19 '12 at 7:22

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