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I am new in iOS development,

I need a MKMapView with custom pin annotation and custom callout bubble,I already achieved this, I need another situation when button clicked the mapview get refreshed with new points. For this purpose I tried to remove all annotation and add new annotation but this is not working it change my custom pin Images so I solved this problem in following manner,

First I removed old map view Using removeFromSuperView and added new MKMapView programmatically using addsubview and add annotation on it.

BUT NOW PROBLEM IS, my app get crashes when I push and pop view controller frequently

What I do for solve this problem ?

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You shouldn't need to remove your entire map view just to clear the annotations off. I think you need to go back to how you remove the annotations and add new ones. Can you show us some code and maybe we'll get to the real problem. – Craig Nov 16 '12 at 8:14

Set mapView.delegate to nil in viewWillDisappear and set mapView.delegate to self in viewWillAppear. Hope it will help you.

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I tried this but I its not working... I get 'received memory warning' ? – RMRAHUL Nov 16 '12 at 7:17

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