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The situation is: we've got a number of working application instances, developed on C#. We want them to log in one place (that could be a file). As far as I know log4net and NLog can send logs via TCP. The problem is - how to listen to these logs and store it? Is there any working solution to collect these logs?

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In log4Net you shoul configure appender, here official documentation see RemotingAppender

For the listen TCP you should use TcpListener like in this resource, there are exist some clients for log4net like this

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In NLog you might consider the Database target. NLog has some other targets you might consider, including the LogReceiverService, which sends logging messages to a WCF Service or Web Service, where they can be logged to any of the NLog targets, including to a file.

In log4Net you might consider the AdoNetAppender. Configuration examples here.

I will note that, in the past, I implemented a WCF-based LoggingService (which is ultimately similar to NLog's LogReceiverService), which worked well for me.

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