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Any request for a jpg gif or png file that would normally 404 on my server needs to return any random image from a folder on my server.

I do not have any clue how I would begin to look up how to do this.

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make .htaccess file with content:

ErrorDocument 404 /not_found.php

then make file not_found.php on web root (ex: /var/www/) with content:

$files = array('1.jpg', '2.jpg', '3.jpg');
$randomNumber = rand (0, 2);
<img src="<?php echo $files[$randomNumber]; ?>" alt="404" />

don't forget to include image file (1.jpg, 2.jpg, ...) in the same directory.

I think you will understand if you are pointing your not found file to php file like not_found.php above. You can also manipulate those php file as you like.

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