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I am new to emacs and Django.

I've found ipython quite convenient, especially its TAB completion. In a ipython Django shell, TAB completion is quit convenient because it also includes Django setting. But when I open a python file, with "emacs -nw" for example, the TAB completion for Django related module no longer works that well.

Can any body help? Thx!

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If auto-completion is what you need, then use rope.

Although default auto-complite hotkey is different (M-/), it works pretty clever and provides list of other useful features.

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Thank you! Rope is really helpful! But I still have no idea how to include the Django settings like that in "ipython shell". – ioeric Nov 19 '12 at 11:20

I think you may want to try this: Emacs as a Django IDE with python-django.el

with auto-complete and jedi setup you can do the TAB completion just like Ipython with django models and views.

also it has a wonderfun binding for ipdb to trace a bug called pdbtracking.

You will love it. Thanks

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