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I have a array which I fill with values from checkboxes, sliders and an NSTextField. See below 001. And it´s working obviously.

However, when analyzing my code I get this message:

/Users/ronny/DEV/0200-ObjC4/Egg&Breakfast/Classes/TimeController.m:358:24: Argument to 'NSArray' method 'arrayWithObjects:' should be an Objective-C pointer type, not 'NSInteger'

I tried several things like type casting the three lines with intValue to (NSInteger). Without success. Any idea what´s wrong?

NSArray *myValues = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
                    [isAppointment state],     //Checkbox
                    [boxForEver    state],     //Checkbox
                    [boxMakeSound  state],     //Checkbox
                    [tickTackFlag  state],     //Checkbox
                    [txtRemark   stringValue], //NSTextField
                    [slideHour      intValue], //Slider
                    [slideMin       intValue], //Slider
                    [slideSec       intValue], //Slider
                    [startAuto     state],     //Checkbox
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All of the lines that call state or intValue are incorrect.

An NSArray can only hold references to Objective-C objects. But state and intValue return NSInteger, which is a typedef (alias) for long, which is C primitive, not an Objective-C object reference.

You need to wrap the integers in NSNumber objects. If you're using Xcode 4.4 or later, you can just use the new @(...) wrapper syntax to wrap your integers in NSNumber objects. You can also use the new array literal syntax @[...] to construct your array.

NSArray *myValues = @[
                    @([isAppointment state]),     //Checkbox
                    @([boxForEver    state]),     //Checkbox
                    @([boxMakeSound  state]),     //Checkbox
                    @([tickTackFlag  state]),     //Checkbox
                    [txtRemark   stringValue], //NSTextField
                    @([slideHour      intValue]), //Slider
                    @([slideMin       intValue]), //Slider
                    @([slideSec       intValue]), //Slider
                    @([startAuto     state]),     //Checkbox
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Great explanations and suggestions. That worked fine. Thanks to all. – Ronald Hofmann Nov 16 '12 at 8:44

You cannot insert scalar types such as int, float or NSInteger into NSArray.

You must insert pointers to NSObject or subclasses, as mentioned in the error message.

A common way to prevent that shortcoming is to use NSNumber

For instance :

NSInteger foo = 42;
[_myArray addObject:[NSNumber numberWithInteger:foo]];

On recent Xcode versions, you can use a bit of syntactic sugar

[_myArray addObject:@42];
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