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I have developed two projects in Andriod system based on java A and B , the codes in project A rely on codes in project B ,also the codes in project B rely on codes in project A.Can I use Proguard obfuscate A but not obfuscate B, A and B can also work well?

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I think in the proguard.txt you can exclude packages etc. Im no expert though. – Doomsknight Nov 16 '12 at 11:57

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To prevent B from being obfuscated include something along the lines of:

-keep class com.projectB.package.** { *; }

for all the packages in project B. This goes in your proguard.cfg of any project that uses these files. When proguard runs, it will know to not obfuscate anything in B and project A will be obfuscated.

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