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I save a given position array and handle object defined by IMFREEHAND. After loading this data back to workspace I want to set this IMFREEHAND object again to the specified position analogous to i.e. IMRECT where I can set the position via parameter. I still found nothing like this. Has anyone an idea?


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You can use patch to set the position of object again


patch(Position_X ,Position_Y,1);
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Format your answer to make it more readable –  Jensd Apr 30 at 8:58
This puts a patch on the image but doesn't move the position of the actual imfreehand object. –  nkjt Apr 30 at 9:02
To move Object from actual Position You can use impoly(gca,Pos) instead of patch –  ParthibanR Apr 30 at 9:10

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