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given a domain constellation like this:

abstract class A { 
    def myService 
    def beforeInsert() { 

class B extends A { 
    def beforeInsert() { 

Is it possible to mock the following methods: - beforeInsert() in B? - beforeInsert() in A?

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Save B objects without flushing in unit tests or override beforeInsert by metaClass:

B.metaClass.beforeInsert = {-> }
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Have you tested this? It seems that Grails clobbers any metaClass updates you make. –  Ron Dahlgren Jun 17 at 18:13
Actually to clarify above, it seems that newer versions of Grails use AST transformations to interface with hibernate methods. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this same problem currently. –  Ron Dahlgren Jun 17 at 18:25

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