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I have a lot of visio files, and want to convert them all to png through e.g. a batch. I have found a couple of solutions, but can't get any of them to work. Anyone knowing how to convert .vsd to .png easy through commandline or so?


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Use the built in Visual Basic

something like this: fix up the paths parts yourself.

Sub a()

   Dim docs As New Collection
   ' add the paths of your documents here, use more script if you want wildcard etc
   docs.Add ("C:\Users\[username]\Desktop\New folder (4)\drawing2.vsd")
   docs.Add ("C:\Users\[username]\Desktop\New folder (4)\drawing3.vsd")

   For Each d In docs    
      Dim doc As Document     
      Set doc = Documents.Add(d)

      Dim p As Page

        For Each p In doc.Pages       
        Dim n As String

        ' change this for the output path and format of your choice      
        n = "C:\Users\[username]\Desktop\New folder (4)\" & doc.Name & " " & p.Index & ".png"      
        p.Export (n)


End sub
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Looks find, but I have note accessed office docs through code before. How do I access the classes "Document" and "Page"? When I copied your code in VS, it could note find the classes by default. – chro Nov 16 '12 at 9:46
its within Visio itself, create a new document to hold your script, select the view tab, macros button or press alt+f8. Add a new macro and paste the code in. – Adrian Nov 16 '12 at 11:31

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