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I am making an ajax call , here I am not sending any data I am fetching the data in response whcih was already set by previous request. On the server side I am building jsonObject and sending , what is the contentType I should use application/x-json or text/x-json as all my datas are text.

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This should be easy to search for you, but anyway: The *right* JSON content type?

(TL;DR: The MIME media type for JSON text is application/json)

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yes I came acros that SO question but I was confused as one answer mentions depending on what your application sends , if it is text "text/x-json" this can be used. – SpreeTheGr8 Nov 16 '12 at 9:35

On server side you should return :MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON (if you are using jersey java).

On client side(js) you should use datatype:"JSON". (Not content type , because content type is used to specify type of data you are sending to server and datatype is the type of data you are expecting from server in response).


1. Server Side (jersey java- JAX-RS):

public returnSomething functionName(){

2. Client Side (ajax call):

type: "GET",
url: ajaxUrl,
success: function(jsonData){
    //Do something
error: function(jqXHR, textStatus){
    //handle connection errors

This will work even if your json contains normal text.

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