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I am about to build an internal-only iOS app for storing simple business data. The data store will consist of a single entity only, with one entry per day. To start with there will be around two years worth of data (~750 entries).

I want to set the app up to do one-way syncing only. i.e. Only one person can enter data, but others can read it. iCloud is out as it only works for a single user account.

Is there a lightweight way to sync this datastore out from the single write user to the other read users? Setting up a full sync system seems overkill for this case.

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You can set a flag or credential something for the person you want to provide the ability to write data and whenever there is a writing command check that flag or credential and then do things likewise...its just a way to implement what you trying to do there are other logics too. –  spider1983 Nov 16 '12 at 9:40

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Instead of iCloud, you could use one of the online backends such as Parse.com or Simperium. They would allow you to share data using a db and also provide for user accounts, authentication etc. If you want to run the server locally you can investigate DataKit.

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Simperium looks like what I want. –  Ben Dec 9 '12 at 16:04

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