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I am trying to use the following set of commands

FOR /f %%B IN ('DIR %SOME_FOLDER_LOCATION%\*.html ^| FIND "File(s)"') DO SET cnt=%%B
ECHO %cnt%


TYPE %SOME_TEXT_FILE_PATH% | FIND /V /C "abcxyzabczyx"

After this i need to compare the output from both the lines and based on that display some status something like:

IF [%cnt%]==['TYPE %SOME_TEXT_FILE_PATH% | FIND /V /C "xyzxyzxyzxyz"'] ECHO CORRECT

The second portion of comparison is repetition. Wrote it just to give you an idea.

Can anyone suggest how this can be done.

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To count the number of .html files, I would use this method:

SET cnt=0
FOR %%B IN (%SOME_FOLDER_LOCATION%\*.html) DO SET /A cnt=cnt+1
ECHO %cnt%

To count the number of finds, I would use this:

FOR /f %%B IN ('FIND /V /C "abcxyzabczyx" %SOME_TEXT_FILE_PATH%') DO SET finds=%%B

This way, to compare both numbers:

IF [%cnt%] == [%finds%] ECHO CORRECT

I hope it helps...

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The value of 'finds' is not getting set accordingly. Its displaying as ---------- – bubble Nov 19 '12 at 9:37
Oops, my mistake! Just insert a < before the file name in FIND command: FIND /V /C "abcxyzabczyx" < %SOME_TEXT_FILE_PATH%. – Aacini Nov 19 '12 at 11:54

Do the first one twice with your different command lines, but set a different variable too. Then just compare the two variables.

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