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For a ListView containing items so that there is some space underneath the last item I'd like to add a footer that fills up the remaining space.

A pretty good description of the use case can be found here: How can I make the footer of a ListView stretch to fill the remaining space?

As the presented solutions are for android, I'm having a hard time to adapt it to QML. The lo-tech way - summing up the delegate heights and spacings to calculate the footer height - would probably work but feels no good...

Thanks for any advice!

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You can use the

contentWidth : real

properties of the list view and subtract that from the ListView height and use the resulting value as the height for your footer. E.g.:

  id: list
  height: 100
  anchors.bottom: list.bottom
  height: list.height - list.contentHeight
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Thanks! That was the hint I needed. I added the Rectangle as ListView.footer (omitting the anchor), so it is scrolled with the other content. –  user1829174 Nov 17 '12 at 16:26

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