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I have been using tmux for some time now and really like the internal copy buffer. I frequently find myself wanting to copy a command between panes but haven't really found an easy way of doing this.

What I would like is some equivalent of Ctrl+K that moves the data into the tmux buffer. Is there any way of doing this with one key binding? As it is, I could probably get it to work with two (first do Ctrl+K, then a keybinding that via xclip moves clipboard into tmux buffer), but I really would like to be able to do it quickly with just one hotkey.

EDIT: I am running bash as shell in tmux, with evilvte as terminal in Kubuntu 12.04.

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It sounds like you want C-k (or some other “hotkey”) in your shell to automatically load the killed text into a tmux buffer. You can arrange this with the echo 'some text' | tmux load-buffer - or tmux set-buffer 'some text', but shell integration depends on which shell you are using. Please update your question to indicate which shell you are using (and tag for the shell). See this other SO answer for integrating Bash 4+ with xclip (you would use tmux load-buffer - and tmux save-buffer - instead of xclip and xclip -o). – Chris Johnsen Nov 17 '12 at 7:22
@ChrisJohnsen: Added some more info. Thanks for the link, I think I should be able to work out how to do it with that info. – Leo Nov 19 '12 at 8:19

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