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I want to parse the data from Html page in Android application. I am sending datadictionary values as below

var fields = {"data1" : "1","data2" : "2"};

how to get the data1 and data2 values in android application?

Note: If i passed this fields to MainActivity, i am getting "Object object" and data1 and data2 is imagined, just i want to extract column vice.

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1 Answer

  var fields = {"data1" : "1","data2" : "2"};

  try {
    JSONObject json= new JSONObject(fields);

    String data1 =  json.getString("data1");
    String data2 =  json.getString("data2");
  catch (JSONException e) {
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data1 and data2 is unpredictable in source –  Ponmalar Nov 16 '12 at 11:11
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