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I am currently working on development of a CRM product for my company. LDAP is used access information about:

  • User information
  • Contact information
  • Network resources

LDAP can be used to lookup:

  • Encryption certificates
  • Pointers to printers
  • Services
  • Access same directory from various services

I am currently building the architecture of this CRM platform. Is it common to use LDAP as a CRM Repository? Is it a good idea to store customer information in LDAP in the context?

As an example, the software will have customers, products, orders.

I am trying to look for some examples of architectures, but can't seem to find the architecture used on most CRM systems.

I hope you can help.

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LDAP is best suited to store data about users - it's a directory. Though it can be used to store pretty much anything, I would certainly not choose LDAP as a data store for a CRM.

Have you looked at You can still use your LDAP directory to authenticate users and perform lookups.

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Thanks. Is it a good idea to store customer information in LDAP? – user1646481 Nov 16 '12 at 10:46
@user1646481 Yes, as long as you only need the attributes provided by your LDAP schema (phone number, email etc). Extending it is not as easy as adding columns to a database. Nothing's keeping you from grabbing the user's record from LDAP upon login and using it to populate your database tables. This is how most LDAP-aware applications function. – dearlbry Nov 16 '12 at 14:05

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