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I have a messaging system for Owner and Renter to communicate. Owner owns a Vehicle. If Renter has any questions he can send a Message.

NB! A new Discussion is created automatically along with posted Message.

Discussion has many Messages.

Discussion has following sturcture: (id, title, vehicle_id, user_id) Message has following structure: (id, text, discussion_id, user_id)

It was pretty easy to fetch all messages, sent by the User:

in User class:

has_many :sent_messages, :class_name => "Message", :foreign_key => "user_id"

but now I can't find out how to fetch all received messages for the User - user.received_messages

It, basically, means that it is necessary to look through all the Discussions that either belong to the User (he created that discussion and there are messages which don't belong to him) or the Discussions that belong to his Vehicle (someone else created this discussion and Discussion.user_id == Message.user_id).

Can someone help me out with this one ? Cannot figure out how to make this association query.

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

Solved it, using :finder_sql parameter for the has_many association. Just raw SQL-query with the algorithm, I've described in my question.

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