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My stored procedure accepts a parameter with values like

Declare @Temp VarChar(Max)
Set @Temp = 'S1CW3733|1050105000224,S1CW4923|1050105000009'

Where values is like


I want to apply same in SQL query like

Select * 
From ATMStatus 
Where ATM + '|' + Fault IN (@Temp)

How can I achieve this?

Database is SQL Server 2008

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For small tables, you can use the table scanning solution, assuming ATM and Fault can never contain comma (,) or pipe (|):

Select *
  From ATMStatus
 Where ',' + @Temp + ',' LIKE '%,' + ATM + '|' + Fault + ',%';

For large tables, you'll need to employ a splitting function to turn the variable into a multi-row, 2 column table, which would then be used something like:

Select a.*
  From ATMStatus a
  join dbo.SplitVarTo2ColumnTable(@Temp) b
       on b.Column1 = a.ATM and b.Column2 = a.Fault;
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