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The bit.ly info API returns URLs for thumbnail images. When I attempt to access these images, I receive an access denied error. How do you access the thumbnail images generated by bit.ly?

EDIT: I am testing the image URL by taking the URL provided by the info API and using the browser to access. Bit.ly returns an Access Denied error code. Do I need to somehow provide the login and apikey?

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how are you trying to access those images? –  SilentGhost Aug 27 '09 at 14:50
Sorry, I've been trying to tag this as bit.ly so I can follow it but my tag keeps getting reverted somehow. –  chollida Aug 27 '09 at 15:00

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Though you may know this, you can get a list of error codes from this:


That might give you some more information, though you'll have to use your apiKey and login:). As far as I know the thumnails are generated automatically and you should be able to access them via the link generated.

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It looks like bit.ly hosts their thumbnails on Amazon S3 (The Access Denied error is an Amazon error), and it looks like bit.ly has since disabled their access to said thumbnails.

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