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I want to export only data on of my master tables and then imports it to some other server on same oracle 11g . Is it possible to do that. using exp command it dumps the complete data along with schema which I don`t want . I want only data to be dump and imported to some other location.

Please help me out.


Nitesh Kumar

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You can't with the original export (exp) utility, but with the newer data pump expdp you can use the content parameter to export only the data:

expdp content=data_only ...

With exp I think the closest equivalent is to set ignore=y on import; it will try to recreate the schema objects but won't complain that they're already there. But since the original utilities are deprecated, you should use data pump anyway.

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but it didn`t worked.. I tried exp with specific table names and while importing I used imp and with options DATA_ONLY=Y. It solved my issue. –  Nitesh Kumar Nov 16 '12 at 13:00

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