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Possible Duplicate:
I have a nested data structure / JSON, how can I access a specific value?

I am using the US Census API and end up with a two dimensional json array from a jQuery.get() request. My result (data) looks like this:

[["P0010001","NAME","state","county","tract"], ["2703","Census Tract 4001.01","17","119","400101"], ["5603","Census Tract 4001.02","17","119","400102"], ["4327","Census Tract 4002","17","119","400200"]]

It looks exactly like a two dimensional javascript array, but I cannot access it like one when I try:

var population = data;

Is there a way to convert the json array into a javascript array, or to convert it to a string, which could then be put into an array?

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if you can use the $.getJSON() instead of a get. The getJson automatically converts the data recieved into a js object. – Henrik Andersson Nov 16 '12 at 11:07
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Use JSON.parse:

var population = JSON.parse(data);


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