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The site where I want my animation to work adds #user-space before any of my tags. So, my animation looks like this:

   #user-space @-webkit-keyframes animation-name {
 from {
   style definition ["Before"-state]
 to {
   style definition ["After"-state]

And that #user-space declaration is breaking the css statement and animation is not working. Is there any way, to do that otherwise? For exaple put my keyframes insine -webkit-animation: animation-name 1.1s ease infinite; like webkit-animation: from { style definition ["Before"-state] } to { style definition ["After"-state] } 1.1s ease infinite; like

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The solution I see is to get around your problem and do it with javascript.

Simply add a new style in your html file (in the header) and add the @-webkit-keyframes animation inside.

There is a thread which explains it well (see accepted solution): Set the webkit-keyframes from/to parameter with JavaScript

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