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I am designing a grid which displays data by month depending on area division and then each division is broken down into teams using jqgrids group.

I want to display the average of all the teams in each division as the group summary for each division. I have set summaryType:'avg' for each column, however the average seems to include blank values, which I want it to ignore.

Is it possible to either modify the avg function to exclude blanks or even create my own?

Edit: As a side issue is it possible to then extract the summary data from the grid as I would like to generate graphs on the summary data for each division.

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I am not sure that I understand you correctly. You don't posted and JavaScript code so I have to guess.

It's tricky, but it's possible to define summaryType as function. In the way you can implement any custom calculation.

The answer provide an example how to implement summaryType as function. Another answer do the same in case of usage of grouping summary.

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