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I'm new to Lisp and don't know how to access the :DIM value! Here's the code:

(defstruct peca 

(setf exemple #S(PECA :DIM 2 :VAL 1))

How can I get the value of :DIM from exemple? When I try exemple-dim it says variable -DIM has no value.

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The macro defstruct defines reader functions, among other things. The default names for these are of the form structname-slotname, in your case giving peca-dim and peca-val.

There is further information in the HyperSpec, here.

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jwmc has answered the direct question of how you access those values. You should know that if you don't like the default style of "classname + hyphen + slot-name", you can use the :conc-name option to specify something nicer for the initial portion (usually something shorter). Now, I would recommend against typing #S(...) yourself. Lisp prints it that way, but you should use the automatically defined (make-peca :dim ... :val ...) constructor instead. –  khedron Nov 16 '12 at 14:30

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