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In c# i use the arial,times new roman,Curlz MT font types it will dispaly the O(alphabet) AND 0(ZERO) As A same ,which means string a="OT02O" its show like this.maxium no differenct between them. when i try to display in arial or something else it will display OTO2O.So i need to know which font will give the maximum difference between O and 0?

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I suggest Consolas is better to show the differences between O(alphabet) and 0(zero)

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Have you googled about this, Check the following links that i figure out to be relevent to your question:
Zero, Slashed Zero, Letter "O", Alt-0216 Ø and Phi Φ
Finding the Best Programmer's Font

'0', 'o' and 'O' are easily distinguished

Use the slashed 0 to solve this problem.

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