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I am using RHEL. I need to do sth simple.

In the current folder there are sub folders. I need to find where a file is in the subfolders. The files may be in one or more.

I am using this but it iterates infinitely

for f in ./{Failed,Loaded,ToLoad}; do find -name 'file';  done

I need to do it from the terminal to.

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The syntax of your for-loop is incorrect.

It should be:

for f in Failed Loaded ToLoad
    find "$f" -name 'file'

But you don't need a loop. It can simply be done like this:

find Failed Loaded ToLoad -name 'file'
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Try doing this :

find {Failed,Loaded,ToLoad} -name 'file'

if {Failed,Loaded,ToLoad} are really some dirs.

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