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Morning all,

Using Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and C#.NET 4.0.

IList<Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter> param = new List<Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter>();

param = repsetup.NewReportSetup(

reportViewer1.LocalReport.SetParameters(new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter(param));

When trying to set the report parameters it complains about the list. The list is populated in another table and returns a list.

Error 2 - Argument 1: cannot convert from 'System.Collections.Generic.IList<Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter>' to 'string'

Also error:

Error 1 - The best overloaded method match for 'Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter.ReportParameter(string)' has some invalid arguments

How do I use the IList in the SetParameters method?

Many Thanks

Here's the NewReportSetup method:

public IList<Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter> NewReportSetup(string part, string batch, string locn, string wheel, string gear, string length,
                                string fits, string newbar, string newbarnum, string abs)
    IList<Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter> parameters = new List<Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter>();
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramPart", part));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramBatch", batch));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramLocn", locn));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramWheel", wheel));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramGear", gear));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramLength", length));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramABS", abs));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramBuyer", fits));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramBarCode", newbar));
    parameters.Add( new Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms.ReportParameter("paramBartxt", newbarnum));
    return parameters;
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The Report.SetParameters method requires an IEnumerable<ReportParameter>:

In other words send your list of report parameters to this method, not an instance of a ReportParameter (which you're trying to create from your list):

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many thanks for the reply, not entirly sure What you mean though, You a got a quick Snippet i could look at? –  Steven Smith Nov 16 '12 at 12:44
The snippet is reportViewer1.LocalReport.SetParameters(param); Change your last line to that. –  devdigital Nov 16 '12 at 13:19
oh damn it i see it now! its friday im tired lol! –  Steven Smith Nov 16 '12 at 13:32

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