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Where can I get the below ILOG jars

  1. jrules-engine.jar
  2. jrules-res-XXXX-session-java.jar (XXXX - represent the version of the ILOG you are using)
  3. jrules-res-execution.jar
  4. jrules-res-session-XXXX.jar (XXXX - Represents the app server you are using websphere/weblogic etc..)
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If you want integrate Intellirule editor in your application, there are an API witch you can integrate, you can recuperate this JARs in Teamserver Core.

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You cannot get the jars specifically because ILOG is not an open source product from IBM,further more IBM has rebranded the product too as per the IBM's site

JRules BRMS family has been enhanced with WebSphere Business Events, bringing together two powerful decision automation technologies in a single offering. This new product has been rebranded as IBM Operational Decision Manager.

So here is the place you can download the trail version. After installing the trial version,you can get access to the jars that you have mentioned,but not the exact version numbers.

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