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I used to have a HTTP based transport and I bootstrapped my app in Applicaiton_Start. By bootstrap I mean set up my DI container etc. I want to change to named pipes but I may want to continue using HTTP on another server.

Can I use the following to bootstrap independent of transport? I'm hosting inside IIS.

/// <summary>
/// This class needs to reside in the App_Code special ASP.NET folder
/// It also needs to be set with a build action of Content
/// The signature public static void AppInitialize() is recognised by ASP.NET and is 
/// always called no matter the binding (HTTP or not)
/// </summary>
public static class AppStart
    public static void AppInitialize()
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You need to write a custom ServiceHostFactory along with several other classes.

Rory Primrose has two good blog posts on the topic using Unity.

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