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For clarity, the application still works after the Installation Failed message, so it appears to be installed correctly. I just can't release the application if people are going to see this message whether the app works or not.

I have no idea why it's showing me that message.

I'm using InstallShield SE (comes with Visual Studio 2010).

Update: I've added a sample installation log for a failed installation on Windows 8:

[part 1] http://textuploader.com/?p=6&id=Qssr [part 2] http://textuploader.com/?p=6&id=8wytN

Can anyone decipher this? I've searched for the text "Installation Failed" but I can't find it, and searches for e.g. "error" don't return anything meaningful.

Just to note this occurrs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Update 2:

Just to compound this issue a bit further, the following is a log which doesn't contain the text that @Yan Sklyarenko pointed out from the first file. So I'm seeing the same issue but the second log file doesn't mention it. (also, the second log file is 2MB which is why I had to host it on my google docs drive.)

Anyone have any ideas wtf is up with InstallShield?


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You should create a log file to see where is problem. If you have msi then: msiexec /i MyApplication.msi /l*v install_log.txt If you have an exe installer then: Setup.exe /Debuglog"install_log.txt" – Igor Shenderchuk Nov 19 '12 at 7:02

Your log contains the following line:

User cancelled installation.

Usually this means, well, that the user cancelled installation. :) But that's obviously not your case.

I've managed to find the following knowledge base article. Basically, it has a warning that a UAC call might time out in case you don't interact with it. In this case it outputs the error you see and considers that the user cancelled installation:

 MSI (s) (A8:A0) [12:32:25:129]: MSI_LUA: Elevation required to install product, will prompt for credentials 
 MSI (s) (A8:A0) [12:32:46:578]: MSI_LUA: Credential Request return = 0x800704C7 
 User cancelled installation.

Probably, the UAC window just not appeared in front? If it was a background window you could likely miss it. Here is one more link which might be useful (see the only comment to that article). You can investigate how turning creating checkpoints on and off can influence the behavior.

And by the way, Windows XP can't have this issue as it doesn't have UAC feature. So, it might be something else.

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Thanks for this, it makes sense. I'm wondering however, why is it that the application still runs if the installation requires elevated privileges? Can you determine this from the log file? – DaveDev Dec 4 '12 at 15:06
Well... the log says the installation was cancelled, hence I don't understand how the application might at all exist on the target PC after this... Are you sure it is not the previous version of the application? – Yan Sklyarenko Dec 4 '12 at 16:39
Hi Yan, yes this was a clean installation. I'm quickly coming to dislike installshield. It's showing me very inconsistent results. I've linked to another log file that was produced by installshield after a different installation and there's no mention of "User cancelled installation" as you pointed out in the first one. – DaveDev Dec 5 '12 at 11:57
@DaveDev, the new log doesn't load... – Yan Sklyarenko Dec 5 '12 at 12:06
Sorry Yan, I am not seeing this until now. I was hoping that service could host the file because it is 2MB but I guess not. I've put it into my Google Drive account instead and made it public. If you want to see it, it's here: docs.google.com/open?id=0B813RziGagi_aldUNFJqLTNzYVE. Google Drive seems to think it's an mp3 file, but it's not - it's a .log file. – DaveDev Dec 10 '12 at 15:52

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