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I have a page with jstl included. In jsp file I have to pull out context atribute:

<%= pageContext.getServletContext().getAttribute("NameOfMyAtribute")%>

and display it escaping xml characters:

<c:out escapeXml="true" value="  ?  "/>

How to do it? What is the order of processing? If I simply put:

<c:out escapeXml="true" value="<%= pageContext.getServletContext().getAttribute("NameOfMyAtribute")%>"/>

It wont work, and even if it probably display (without xml characters) text <%= pageContext.getServletContext().getAttribute("NameOfMyAtribute")%> instead of invoking it.

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<c:out value="${NameOfMyAttribute}"/>


<c:out value="${applicationScope.NameOfMyAttribute}"/>

Forget about scriptlets. They shouldn't be used anymore. The EL looks for page-scope attributes, then request-scope attributes, then session-scope attributes, the application-scope attributes.

And escapeXml is true by default (since it's the only thing <c:out> does)

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