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In my project I'm using gson. I have a problem when I want to de-serialize a json sub object form my class to a String for example

Class X
    Object1 x1 // expected json -> '{"param1": "pvalue", "param2":"pvalue"}'
    Object2 x2 //expected json -> '{"param1": "pvalue", "param2":"pvalue"}'
    String x3 //expected json ->'{"param1": "pvalue", "param2":"pvalue"}'

Gson can't de-serialize x3 since it's contents is json object but I need it as a string and not as a Java object. Class X { Object1 x1 // expected json -> '{"param1": "pvalue", "param2":"pvalue"}' Object2 x2 //expected json -> '{"param1": "pvalue", "param2":"pvalue"}' String x3 //expected json ->'{"param1": "pvalue", "param2":"pvalue"}' } How do I save the contents of x3 in a String and not as a object.

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what string-value are you expecting in s3? –  waqaslam Nov 16 '12 at 12:58

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You can try to register a custom TypeAdapter for the String and fix it.

GsonBuilder gson = new GsonBuilder();
gson.registerTypeAdapter(String.class, new MyTypeAdapter());

Gson gson = gsonBuilder.create();

Javadoc User Guide

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thanks for your answer, can you be more specific on how do do this, please, thanks –  user1796624 Nov 19 '12 at 11:32

The following code works just fine. Not really sure if that's the Json structure your are trying to parse though.

public class Test
    public static void main( String[] args )
        Gson gson = new Gson();

        Response response = gson.fromJson( THE_JSON, Response.class );

        System.out.println( response.object1 );
        System.out.println( response.object1 );
        System.out.println( response.stringx );

    class Response
        Objectx object1;

        Objectx object2;

        String stringx;

        class Objectx
            String param1;

            String param2;

And THE_JSON is:

    "Objectx1": {
        "param1": "value1",
        "param2": "value2"
    "Objectx2": {
        "param1": "value3",
        "param2": "value4"
    "Stringx": '{
        "param3": "value3",
        "param4": "value4"

Note the single quoutes around the Stringx value.

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Hi, thanks for the reply byt I get java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a string but was BEGIN_OBJECT E/AndroidRuntime( 2705): at com.google.myjson.internal.bind.ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory$Adapter.read(Reflec‌​tiveTypeAdapterFactory.java:174). The problem is in the Stringx variable, I can't pars it to a String I just can't understand why if the content of a string is a Json object, it cant be serialized to string.I might have a older version of the library –  user1796624 Nov 19 '12 at 11:12

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