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I have an unrooted Galaxy S III and would like to know what additional libraries are available on this device when compared to a stock Google Nexus. I'm especially interested in .so libraries regarding Bluetooth Low Energy, as Samsung claims to be "Bluetooth Smart Ready" with the GS3.

  • How can I enumerate available libraries on an android device?
  • How can I load the library? (System.loadLibrary?)
  • Do I also need to include a <uses-library /> directive into the manifest file?
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What have you tried? –  Pradeep Simha Nov 16 '12 at 15:39
I have tried with PackageManager enumeration of installed applications, and using the sharedLibraries property of each application in hope that all shared libraries are used somewhere –  Etan Nov 16 '12 at 17:38

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Use adb to connect your device and try to find *.so files then create an emulator device for Nexus and try to find .so files in it. Finally, you can comapre results and find out which libraries are different.

Actually you cannot load library. ld does it for you. Write your native code and link it to the related library.

AFAIK, <uses-library /> is not for that purpose.

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