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To better understand, pls go to and have a look at Live Example 1: Forcing input to be numeric

I can enter a decimal value with a . (dot) but not with a comma. Then the amount jumps to 0.

Any idea how I can allow dot AND comma? I would like to allow input like 20.00 and 20,00

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You could implement a small fix in the numeric extender (ref. the extenders documentation page that you posted) to solve this. In the "write" method of the extender, add the following code on top:

        if (typeof newValue == "string") {
            newValue = newValue.replace(",", ".");

The if-statement is needed to prevent an error on model initialization. When the model is first created, the value is most likely set to a number instead of a string, so we can't call the .replace method on this object.

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You may not only want to accept numeric fields with comma, but also output numbers from you VM with comma as decimal point. Thus, you need also to implement read getter function of the underlying computed observable. Also write function could be simplified if you don't care about rounding. Here is the full code:

ko.extenders.numeric = function(target) {
    var result = ko.computed({
        read: function() {
            var value = target();
            return isNaN(value) || value===null || value===''
                ? value
                : value.toString().replace('.',',');
        ,write: function(newValue) {
            if (typeof newValue === "string") {
                newValue = newValue.replace(",", ".");
            if (newValue !== target()) {
    return result;
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