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my classification system will produce 3 outputs telling the user what category of an image belongs to. The categories are let say A, B and C. Following are the example of the matrix:

        A     B     C
   A   10     5     2

   B   0     20     2

   C   0      0    20

I am a bit confuse with the formula Precision = tp/tp + fp and Recall = tp/tp+fn because I am not sure how can the true positive, true negative, false positive and false negative applied in this case.

Can anyone assist on this? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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You can process one category at a time.

For instance, you process A first. Then your confusion matrix looks like below:

          A   Not A
     A   10     7 = (5+2)
 Not A    0    42 = (20+2+0+20)

So in this case,

 # true positive = 10  (A->A)
 # true negative = 42  (Not A->Not A)
 # false negative = 7  (A->Not A)
 # false positive = 0  (Not A->A)

The similar thing can be applied to category B and C.

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